I-NEST (Italian National hub Enabling and enhancing networked applications and Services for digitally Transforming Small- Medium Enterprises and Public Administrations) provides a transversal, multi-sector digitalization support for connected businesses, administrations and other digital innovation hubs, exploiting fixed and mobile network infrastructures and cloud-native, intelligent, high-performance, secure services. The hub operates with a national coverage, thanks to a network of points-of-presence and demo-centers implemented at the 88 offices of the Italian Chambers of Commerce and in 5 National Research Laboratories of CNIT, a consortium of 38 Italian Universities. The hub is specialized in emerging intelligent and secure communication and computing infrastructures, exploiting 5G as a powerful innovation platform. These infrastructures can enable innovative applications in multiple fields, improve efficiency and sustainability of supply chains and industrial ecosystems, and create new opportunities for SMEs and PAs. The hub services are designed for addressing the knowledge, capability, demand-supply and financial gaps of stakeholders working in non- ICT vertical domains. Technology awareness will be built by presenting concrete 5G economical scenarios and use cases, showcasing innovative artificial intelligence applications and analysing cybersecurity threats. Training programs and consultancy services will exploit the hub testing facilities and prototyping platforms, including a high-performance-computing platform for process simulation. Multiple players will be encouraged to share tools and interact on these facilities for creating conditions for collaboration, circularity, and open innovation. Support will be provided not only for identifying and applying for funding opportunities, including the current National Plan for Resilience and Recovery, but also for effectively and efficiently utilizing the granted funds.